“Come return to the root of the root of your Self.”


Experience the power of your Wholeness

Many of us are experiencing a compelling desire to live and work in greater alignment with all of who we are.

At the same time, we often find ourselves wrestling with the hypnotic pull of our old safety mechanisms...to be the responsible one, the heroine who saves the day, the smartest guy in the room, the most successful one, the helpful one that everyone likes.  

So we dance in the tension between the safety of our old familiar habits of identity, and this Call to step beyond their limited boundaries; back into what feels more true, more alive, more whole.



Come join an intimate group of your peers

Join us in a beautiful natural setting, for a profound three-day transformational experience, called The Return to Wholeness Retreat.


You will experience an integral journey, designed to help you step beyond the limiting edges of your identity... and into a full-bodied experience of your Wholeness.


Our experience together will be grounded in ancient wisdom, Integral Psychology, The Leadership Circle™, experiential / somatic work, mindfulness practices, and Love.


Register here for

The Return to Wholeness Retreats 2020

Georgia, USA

June 17-21, 2020

Elohee Retreat Center, 

Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Registration Closes May 15, 2020

Western US

Fall, 2020 TBD


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  3. Schedule your one-hour pre-retreat coaching session with Peggy, offered in the 4-5 week period prior to the retreat. You will receive a scheduling link via email once retreat registration is complete.

What Past Participants Say

This retreat is a true invitation to transformation! Very restorative for seasoned practitioners, Peggy’s loving, masterfully skilled facilitation invited us all to explore our inner landscapes without fear. I found myself doing some deep inner-work and, at the same time, learning new ways to make the depth and breadth of the Leadership Circle more available to clients. A brilliant workshop / retreat!

Dave Schrader, Partner, Full Circle Group N.A.

A sacred and magical shift happened for me during the retreat. I left with an undeniable commitment to something bigger than myself - a pivot point. I've had to buckle up my seatbelt because doors have been opening even before my knock. And I now have tools and practices that help me nurture and hold the parts of myself that aren't fully ready for the ride!

—Sandy Reeser, Principal, Reeser Consulting and Coaching

"As an executive (not an executive coach), I honestly didn’t know what to expect from attending The Return to Wholeness Retreat. As it turns out, for me, it was the pause that refreshes. This restorative, “unplugged” time for discernment and fellowship has proved to be a precious gift to myself and others with whom I engage every day “back in the real world.” It’s really hard to describe the impact this retreat has had on me, personally and professionally. But if I had to sum it up in just one word: Enriching (on so many levels). So treat yourself to this amazing experience; you’re worth it!"

—Angelo Vitale, EVP and General Counsel, Quicken Loans


During the retreat, we experienced a progressive journey through the land of our own psyche, which gently revealed what has been limiting my gifts, and also what is supporting their expression in the world. Very powerful. It was really hard for me to carve 3 days out of my work schedule to attend the retreat, but it was worth it. I left with new practices and tools I can use every day to access more of my Creative Mind (and heart), an enhanced experience of my own inner strength and my gifts, an appreciation for the role of partnership with peers in my own development, and a renewed sense of curiosity that I intend to bring to all of my interactions. All of this I learned through an actual experience of these things, not just theories and words, which makes the takeaways for me more real and sustainable.

—Carolina Martinez Echeverria - HR Head, Roche Pharma AG


As practitioners, we can’t ask others to do the work that we haven’t done ourselves. The RTW retreat offers the opportunity to do important inner work that can profoundly impact your life and that of your clients. How do I know? It was so powerful for me, I returned a second time and had an even deeper experience of my essential self. Following the retreat, I applied the tools Peggy teaches with a client who had been stuck for a long time, and in one session, it literally rocked her world!

—Jeff Stone, Owner, Potentia Consulting

About Your Facilitator, Peggy McAllister, CEO of Essential Leadership

For over two decades, Peggy’s clients have benefited from her ability to engage with leaders and their teams in transformational processes. As Executive Coach and Catalyst, Peggy has offered hundreds of leaders across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, simple yet profound tools for achieving radical new insights; enabling them to create sustainable breakthroughs in leadership, team functioning, innovation, and business results, using the Leadership Circle as a key foundation.

Peggy’s work is deeply rooted in the sacred, weaving together her graduate training in psychology and counseling, and 25 years of executive coaching, with 40 years of yoga, QiGong, tai chi, meditation, and other body-mind practices.

Clients as diverse as Twitter, EY, VF International, PwC, Franklin Templeton, GlaxoSmithKline, United Airlines, Rex Healthcare, BB&T, Verizon, University of Notre Dame, University of North Carolina, and others have engaged Peggy to offer their leaders long term executive team processes, high potential leader programs, and executive coaching processes that are based on a deliberate, conscious inside-out approach to development.

Her latest offering, A Return to Wholeness Retreats, has been described by participants as a deeply transformational journey that re-connects them to the experience of their Essential Wholeness... enabling them to engage with their work in more meaningful, powerful, connected, and visionary ways.

For further information. Please contact peggy@intentionalleadership.net

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