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Our Return to Wholeness

"Leave the familiar for awhile. Let your senses and bodies stretch out. Greet yourself in your thousand other forms, as you mount the hidden tide and travel back home." ~Hafiz



Adyashanti has called the identity "... a fiction in the mind created by circular patterns of thinking based in separation."  


So if identity is a fiction, who are you…really?  How would you describe your current "identity," the one that has served you well up to this point?  And what is the Invitation from beyond the edges of this identity?


As Michael Washburn’s Identity Project suggests, this becoming human is a process of relinquishing our birthright (our instinctive and inherent experience of interconnectedness, of trusting our own experience)… in exchange for an identity.  Thus begins the heroic journey into a separate “me” that would seem to require that we prove, protect and defend what Ken Wilber calls an arbitrary boundary containing a diminished experience of who we actually Are.

This journey of development, from the pre-Egoic, through the Egoic, Reactive, Creative, Integral stages of development is a journey that takes us through the desert of isolation and separation, to experiencing increasing levels of remembering our true nature.  And in doing so, our childhood experience of magic and unity is matured and can become a conscious, embodied and powerful instrument in service to the greater good. 


Each time we reach the Edge of one of these stages, each time we stand at the threshold of the next stage, all that has held the previous stage in place rises up to say “nooooo…this will be the death of me!”  

As Bob Anderson and Bill Adams tell us in Mastering Leadership, this that we call development is a process of disintegration and reintegration, of death and rebirth, of shedding unconscious beliefs about how the world works, and who we are supposed to be in the world.  And each time we do, we experience more freedom, more of a sense of trust in ourselves and others, and ultimately in Life Itself.  

In service both to this process, and to freeing you to bring more of your own Wholenessto your life, your clients, and the world, The Leadership Circle and I are offering experiential retreats this year in both the US and Europe, called the Return to Wholeness.  Using the Universal Model as a foundation, we will share a profound transformational journey.  And we invite you to come join us.


Join us for “time out”. Time out to reset your compass.  Time out to reflect in silence; to learn with fellow explorers; time out to joyfully choose new internal landscapes … as M Scott Peck says: The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one.

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If it calls to you, come join an intimate group of your peers in a beautiful natural setting.  Come renew, rediscover and remember who you Are.  


Facilitator:  A long-time TLC practitioner, Peggy McAllisterhas offered hundreds of leaders across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, simple yet profound tools for achieving radical new insights; enabling them to create sustainable breakthroughs in leadership, team functioning, innovation, and business results.  Peggy’s work is deeply rooted in the sacred, weaving together her graduate training in psychology and counseling, and 25 years of executive coaching, with 40 years of yoga, QiGong, tai chi, meditation, and other body-mind practices.  For more information, contact her at peggy.mcallister@fcg-global.com.